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Students' Website FAFA (For APU Students, From APU Students) aims to deliver topical information about APU from the point of view of APU Student PR Assistants (SPA). As the title suggests, the information provided on this page is for APU students, by APU students. This page hopes to provide information that will help students in their daily campus life and will put the spotlight on active students and faculty members. Each item on this page has been planned and written primarily by members of SPA to provide students with relevant and timely information. We hope that this site helps you to lead an even more fulfilling student life with a deeper understanding and love of APU.
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※The next call for SPA members will be announced at the Campus Terminal in February 2021.


1.Hanako/Koda 2.APM 3.5th Semester 4.Tokyo, Japan My name is Hanako, from Tokyo. I am an APM student focusing on marketing. My hobby is eating delicious food. I also love to travel and take pictures, but I do these so I can eat delicious food! My goal for 2020 is to be a Beppu master. I am planning to make a list of the shops I want to see, and I want to visit all of them. The thing I really love about Beppu is there is always a fusion of the traditional and the modern. I am looking forward