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Students' Website FAFA (For APU Students, From APU Students) aims to deliver topical information about APU from the point of view of APU Student PR Assistants (SPA). As the title suggests, the information provided on this page is for APU students, by APU students. This page hopes to provide information that will help students in their daily campus life and will put the spotlight on active students and faculty members. Each item on this page has been planned and written primarily by members of SPA to provide students with relevant and timely information. We hope that this site helps you to lead an even more fulfilling student life with a deeper understanding and love of APU.
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※The next call for SPA members will be announced at the Campus Terminal in February 2021.


1.Nagisa 2.APS (International relations) 3.7th Semester 4.Japan I’m Nagisa Sakamoto, 4th grade 7semster student. I am an APS student focusing on international relations, and I am taking media journalism seminar. I like onsen in the Kannawa area of Beppu, and I decided to live there. I am enjoying life, being able to get anywhere in Beppu on my motor bike. I will upload new articles about my favorite spots. I hope you will be able to enjoy your Beppu life once the current situation has improv