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Privacy Policy

We, the Ritsumeikan Trust, hereby establish independent guidelines, as detailed in this document, in order to comply with legislation and regulations in relation to the protection of personal information used for education and research purposes of the Trust's students. Separate guidelines will be established for personal information used for academic research.

  1. The Ritsumeikan Trust shall establish and publicly announce the "Ritsumeikan Trust Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information", where all executives, teachers, officers, part-time workers and dispatched workers will be required to be familiar with and abide by the content.

  2. The Ritsumeikan Trust shall establish appropriate information-security measures against illicit access or computer viruses in order to prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage of personal information.

  3. The Ritsumeikan Trust shall not acquire information through illegal or unfair ways and will either receive consent from the owner of the information or announce the required information and its purpose on the websites.

  4. The Ritsumeikan Trust shall ensure that personal information obtained indirectly has been obtained correctly from the owner and shall announce the intended use of the information via the websites.

  5. The Ritsumeikan Trust respects the rights of the information owner to disclose, correct, suspend, or erase his/her own personal information.

  6. Wherever the Ritsumeikan Trust releases personal information to a third party or transfers it to a third party for outsourcing, the party shall be verified before concluding a contract to ensure privacy and legislature is implemented.

  7. The Ritsumeikan Trust shall ensure the privacy of personal information provided by past, current and future students. Only information required for admission into educational institutions administered by the Ritsumeikan Trust shall be obtained from future students.

  8. The following principles are established for obtaining and handling the personal information of students.

    • Personal information shall be used within the original purpose of acquiring the information and used by authorized persons only.

    • Personal information shall not be given to a third party unless required to do so by law.

    • Personal information shall not be used outside of its original purpose and will not be removed or leaked outside the authorized location of utilization.

    • Inappropriate use of private information or sharing information with a third party by current or past employees is strictly prohibited.

    • The Ritsumeikan Trust shall not obtain, use or provide personal information of the following nature:

      • (1) Matters concerning personal thoughts, beliefs, or religion.

      • (2) Matters that may trigger social discrimination.