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Deciding Your Major: A Common Problem among Students

APU offers quite a variety of majors but allows students to choose and change their major from their 2nd semester to 6th semester. So, it is without a doubt that some students have a hard time choosing their major. Today, let’s answer a few common questions that students have regarding choosing or switching majors. Q●I like this major, but I like that major too. Which one should I choose? A●Deciding on your major is not just a matter of interest. It involves other factors such as your abilities and the future too. So, in order to help you, here are a few questions you should ask yourself when choosing your major: Does the major fit your abilities, values, interests, and passions? What do you

Thai Week 2019: A week full of Thai culture and all its charm!

We got to experience Thai Week in 2019. In past years, this is supposed to be the rainy season. Perhaps this year, the seasonal rain front succumbed to the pressure generated by our enthusiasm for Thai Week, and decided to skip APU entirely. Right before 3rd Period on Monday, June 24, amid a packed cheering audience and clear skies, the Thai Week Parade commenced with a flag spectacle in which performers showed off their agile moves, followed by a dance performance conducted with lively music. Featuring dancing by students who moved in rhythmical steps while wearing traditional Thai garb, a Muay Thai show that left quite an impact, and shouts of excitement at the dancing on display, the para

Exams are here: where to take a coffee break while you study in Beppu

Coffee Shop Nishimura Nishimura makes coffee from carefully selected, freshly roasted coffee beans. It’s said that no matter what, as the beans are raosted they lose their fresh flavor. The owner of Coffee Shop Nishimura says, “I put great importance into the freshness of the beans, so that you can taste the delicious flavors while they’re still delicious.” The café is not just particular about its coffee beans. You can tell the owner’s love of coffee from the presence of a vacuum coffee maker, as well as the cups and saucers beautifully lining the cupboards behind the counter. You feel wrapped in a beautiful aroma that keeps you at Nishimura, surrounded by classic music that will make your


APU, as a one-of-a-kind international university in Japan, is famous for always knowing how to make use of our amazingly diverse environment, with students from more than 90 countries and regions. The APU community creates opportunities for everyone to get together. Let’s visit AP House, the APU dormitory, and see what just happened! AP House is the home to almost 1300 residents, with 90% of them being first-year students. They live in different buildings with two Resident Assistants (RA) on every floor. This is a very amazing environment for students from all over the world to get to know about each other’s culture and background. Understanding that, the RA’s have come up with an an event c

APU’s circle Common Viet held a cooking class in downtown Beppu

On June 16th, as a part of Eat ‘n’ Roll Project, APU’s circle Common Viet held a cooking class in downtown Beppu. The event targeted Japanese people with a love for Vietnamese cuisine and is held every year in collaboration with the Beppu community. This year, the menu is “Pho sot vang” (Beef stew Pho) and “Ca phe sua chua danh da” (Vietnamese Iced Yogurt Coffee). Let’s have a look at the activities! Common Viet is one of the two Vietnamese circles of APU. It was first founded in 2010 as “Vietnam Explore” before renamed “Common Viet” in 2013. Since then, Common Viet has been actively promoting Vietnamese culture to international friends and supporting the Vietnamese community in APU through