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Trash Kitchen: A Social Entrepreneurial Kitchen

Beppu is booming more than ever with openings of new restaurants and cafes, and Trash Kitchen has now entered the market with a sustainable and socially aware twist. I sat down with Akito, one of the founding members of Trash Kitchen and a recent graduate from APU, to learn more about how they got started. “The whole concept began while a co-founder and I were having tapioca drinks a few months back. There is this whole trend of taking pictures of these drinks, so lots of people just take pictures and then trash them,” said Akito. After witnessing this frivolous waste of food, they were inspired to open Trash Kitchen. “Our main concept is to save food from the trash, and limit the amount of


Korean Week is an annual event featuring Korean culture held in APU, attracting not only APU students but also local citizens interested in discovering more about this beautiful country. K-pop performances have always been a signature that makes Korean Week stand out from other multicultural events. However, this year Korean Week promises to offer more than iconic K-wave dances, with an aim of introducing not only pop culture but also aspects of Korea back in the old days. This year there are daily events such as opening and closing parades, a Korean Food Market, a Korean Speaking Contest, K-wave and finally the Grand Show at the end of the week. The parades cheer people up with the latest p

Vietnamese Week 2019 - A warm approach to a cold subject

Since 2003, the annual Vietnamese Week has become a staple in every APU students’ spring semester. This year, the event was held on the first week of July (from July 1 to July 5) with the Vietnam War as the theme. One specialty of Vietnamese Week is that it starts on Sunday with a Pre-week Event in downtown Beppu. This year, the event ‘A Sip of Saigon’ brought traditional games and food from Ho Chi Minh City to Beppu thanks to the dedication of the organizers to delivering the most authentic Vietnam to international friends. The official Vietnamese Week kicked off with a parade that introduced a more modern side of Vietnam. The parade took place between second and third period on July 1 in f