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Coastal Decisions by Women – A Multi-country Comparative Research Study by APU Students

As the cicada sounds drift in, the tiny classroom bustles with liveliness, and the white board is scribbled with coastal-related keywords. Four students, under the guidance of Professor Hiromi Yamashita, have been conducting research on coastal decisions. The all-girl team has been researching for about a year in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and America. Out of the four, we were able to ask three of these students about their projects. “Actually, our professor suggested we apply for the National Geography Early Career Grant,” a student chimed in. The National Geography Grant is a grant offered to students for various kinds of study. Despite not winning the grant, it was interesting to l

Pioneer in the World of Agriculture

Agriculture experience in the Yabakei Valley On July 6, 2019, we tended a rice paddy in the lush Yabakei Valley in Nakatsu, Oita. Now retired from working at the Shimogo Agricultural Cooperative, Mr. SUEKUNI has had a long and deep connection with the APU Co-Op. In fact, this is the 17th year Mr. Suekuni has collaborated with the APU Co-op on a joint agriculture experience project. Mr. Suekuni has been collaborating with students from many other universities around Kyushu on such agriculture experiences for many years. This inspired the APU Co-Op to request the same for APU students, and so the current project began. APU has become the only university to maintain this relationship for 17 yea