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APU Alumni Interview Vol. 1

Warmest greetings from Student Press Assistant (SPA)! Starting this semester, we will start a series called “APU Alumni Interview.”In the series, we will interview APU graduates who are active in shaping our world. These interviews will provide useful information for current APU students to help plan their future careers.Our first alumni is Andrey Pak, a current employee of Major IT company. Pak has a passion for work and strongly believes in the importance of understanding "who you are and what kind of work environment you are working in" for every individual. *The interview for this article was held in 2019. [Alumni Profile] Country: Uzbekistan Major: APM Graduation year: 2011 Memorable ac

Meet the organizers of the first ever Malaysian Week!

The school year has ended but the feelings still linger from the last multicultural week of the semester: Malaysian Week 2019. This year was the first time ever Malaysian Week was held, but it was certainly as good as any other. Let’s meet the two main organizers behind Malaysia Week, Arif Naim and Azam Aziz. Arif Naim &Azam Aziz (photos provided by themselves) Thank you, Azam and Arif, for agreeing to have a short interview with us. First of all, we know that you guys are no strangers to multicultural weeks. Are your experiences what inspired you to initiate Malaysian Week? Arif: Technically, we did not initiate Malaysian Week. 10 years ago, there was Indo-Malaysian Day, so it’s more like w

The APU Startup Program Public Workshop – Expanding Your Vision

On December 11, 2019, the APU Startup Program held a public workshop on the theme of "Marketing, PR, and Publicity for Venture Enterprises." Now we hope to share information from this workshop that is useful not only for those aiming to start a business, but also for students who want to promote public relations (PR) for their organizations and students who want to expand on their own vision (future plans). The APU Startup Program The APU Startup Program was launched and is led by DEGUCHI Haruaki, current president of APU and venture business entrepreneur, in order to support students who are serious about becoming entrepreneurs. The Startup Program provides these students with a variety of