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International Experiences Available Only Here: AP House Events

AP House Life Vol. 2 Hello. My name is Moyu Araki, a new member of SPA as of April. I lived in AP House for about a year, starting in Spring 2019. I’d like to follow up on Vol. 1 of AP House Life by spending this volume on a detailed introduction of events at AP House based on my own experiences. AP House Events Before I talk about AP House Events, first I need to talk about Resident Assistants, or RAs. These are student staff who live in AP House alongside other students, providing support to residents as they begin their lives at APU and in Beppu. RAs manage and oversee several aspects of life in AP House including monthly floor meetings, guidance sessions, kitchen duty (or KD), and exchan

AP House Life Vol. 1 – What to know about APU’s student dorm

Residents in front of AP House 2 (Photographer/Amara Zahra, Model/Temilolu Awofeso, Gracia Austy) As the start of a new semester waits just around the corner, students buzzing with excitement (or anxiety) over the prospect of starting their life at university begin to arrive in Beppu with their big suitcases. This is the moving-in period for first semester students at AP House, APU’s dorm located just a 5 minute walk from campus classrooms. Many soon-to-be residents often wonder what necessities they should bring for their year in the dorms, while others may wonder what life in AP House is like or what kind of rules there are. Many new residents encounter this information for the first time

APU Alumni Interview Vol. 3: Writing a successful thesis and making use of opportunities at APU

At APU, undergraduate students can choose to write a thesis. For those who want to, or who are already writing their thesis, we would like to provide some insight from an alumnus who received and Outstanding Thesis award: Shira Damia Putrinda. She used the experience she had at APU to her advantage, landing a job at Mitsubishi Motors in Tokyo, and is currently studying for a postgraduate degree in Berlin, Germany. We had an amazing online interview with her, and received some helpful advice for current APU students. Alumni Profile Name: Shira Damia Putrinda Home country: Indonesia APS 2013 Graduate with Outstanding Thesis, Certificate of Merit (Thesis Title: Islam, Nationalism, and Peace: A

APU in Tokyo: Introducing the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus A must-read for students conducting their job

Did you know that APU has an office in Tokyo? While I was a third-year student, I spent the period from July up through March serving as an intern and conducting my job search while being based in Tokyo. While I was there, the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus helped me out more times than I can count. In this blog entry, with the help of staff members at the Tokyo Campus, we will introduce the campus—which is not all that well-known by APU students—as well as how you can make use of the campus and its services. This is a must-see for students who plan to search for a job while basing themselves in Tokyo. An introduction to the Tokyo Campus The Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus is available to students of Rit

“I Miss Beppu!” Three Things I Want to do in Beppu after this Lockdown

As of June 2020, I am taking online classes at APU from my family home in Tokyo. The current situation is forcing many of us APU students to attend classes from a location other than Beppu. I must say, however, that I miss Beppu terribly! Regarding my own situation, last September, I left for Canada to study abroad. Fortunately for me, that was before the coronavirus (COVID-19) started spreading. Assuming a worst-case scenario in which all airline flights would be cancelled, I returned to Japan a month ahead of schedule. From here I continued to attend classes in Canada over the Internet, and managed to get through exams for those classes while fighting off sleepiness due to the difference i

Stay Home Together — # StrongAgainstCorona

These days the novel coronavirus is impacting the entire world and consigning us all to a stay-at-home lifestyle. Online socializing, online visits home, online meetings - I feel that how we are living our life as university students is changing more than a little. Up until spring break, in the mornings, still sleepy, I would get on the bus. Completely full, the bus would lumber heavily up the mountain to APU, so slow I would worry about being late for class. Hurrying, along the way I would meet up with friends and together we would go to class. That life now feels so long ago. My Time at Home If you wonder how I am spending my time at home, can tell you I have been attending online job sear