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A Group of Up-and-Coming Creators Give Back to Beppu Through "New TOJI" -Project B 2020 Be

The "Selected Project" initiative was begun at APU in AY2017 to support extracurricular student activities. Among the activity types, "B-Type (Project B)" activities have a strong awareness of "cultivating cross-cultural receptivity and collaborative skills for taking an active role in the international community," "utilization of class-room learning," and "contributing to society." Unique plans based on student ideas are selected for Project B. On this occasion, we spoke with Ms. ARAKAWA Megumi from "youth_since2019," one of the groups selected for Project B this year. (in a cutting-edge online interview held via Zoom) 【What is youth_since2019 ?】 Youth_since2019 is a "Student Creative B

4 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Activities Productive

Wondering what else to do during the stay-at-home period? Or are you bored doing the same activities all day long and you simply do not know what to do after an online class? Hi, my name is Abigail Kezia. I'm from Indonesia and a third year student. I am here to offer you ideas that may help you avoid boredom or discover something new and explore yourself deeper. During this pandemic, social distancing has been the number one rule where each individual should do their activities on their own and must be six feet apart from another person. This is why activities like gardening, drawing, home workout, and baking are suitable during the stay-at-home period, especially for APU students, as they

'Soft serve the right spot':A Look into Japanese Ice Cream

How is everyone doing? May I introduce myself: I am VO Phan My Tra, an APS student - 2nd year, 2nd semester, who has been a member of SPA since the beginning of this semester. Currently, I am staying in Hochiminh City, Vietnam, and attending the courses through Zoom, just like everyone else. Vietnam is in its summertime, and I believe it's also the same case for Japan. What could be better than soft serve, or any ice cream in general, to ease the intense heat of the summer!Therefore, in this article, I would like to talk about some of the iconic ice cream types in Japan,including soft-serve ice cream, which is rare outside of Japan. followed by a few recommendations for delicious ice cream t

APU Seniors during COVID-19

1.Introduction As COVID-19 has spread across the globe since January 2020, it has led to significant changes all over the world. In response to these unprecedented challenges, APU has adopted various policies while upgrading online teaching and student support. At the same time, APU students have also faced new difficulties in their daily lives as a consequence of the lockdown and unemployment. In addition, 3rd- and 4th-year senior students are also having to deal with figuring out the important transition from university graduation to their career path. These interviews share some thoughts on the main concerns of these senior students (especially 4th-year students), and how they are adaptin

[To New APU Students] A letter to new first-year APU students written from a TA’s perspective

The second quarter at APU is already underway. I hope everyone is going well.I'm Hanako Koda, a third year student. Unlike Spring in past years, this Spring has been filled with many happenings that have left everyone puzzled, even us. I imagine that incoming students are even more puzzled and anxious than we were. As for me, from the time I entered APU to the end of my first semester, I was nervous and excited about everything. With this blog entry, I would like to leave a message to all new students reading this to help put them at ease, even if only a little bit. 1. Tips for getting over study goals and assignments Looking back, the first thing I was anxious about was my studies. Where st