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Dear new students - To everyone who is concerned about online classes

Hello everyone. My name is Moyu Araki. I am a second-year student at the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS). Allow me to first of all congratulate you on your admission to APU. On this occasion, I will provide an overview of the online classes offered at APU along with some pointers on how to make the most of such classes. My hope is that this will alleviate some of the concerns you may have about taking your first online classes. I also include a message for everyone at the end. What you need for online classes To participate in online classes, you will need an internet connection, a computer, and a camera (the latter is only necessary if you do not have a built-in camera in your compute

WFH Experience of Professor Kim Rebecca ChungHee in the time of COVID-19

Kim Rebecca ChungHee, born in South Korea, is a professor of International Management at APU. She finished her Master in Management (MIM) and Ph.D. in Management Research at Strathclyde, United Kingdom. She is a recipient of the British-Chevening Scholarship for her MIM as well as a full-time three-year scholarship for her Ph.D. in Management program. Professor Rebecca started her career working in an embassy, then moved on to work at a government-affiliated organization, NPO, and CSR consulting firm before teaching at Strathclyde University UK, Edinburgh University UK, University of Nottingham Malaysia, and finally Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan. Online teaching The spring 2020 s

Job Hunting Tips for APU Students 2020 -Vol.2 MARUYAMA Jin

Hello everyone. In this article series, Job Hunting Tips for APU Students 2020, we asked students who have successfully found employment for the secrets to their success, including their thoughts behind job hunting as well as their activities. Take a big step into life after university and find the answers that are right for you from interviews with upper-year students. I hope job hunting leads to success for all of you. Job Hunting Tips for APU Students 2020 -Vol.1 TSVETKOV Radoslav Tsvetanov Job offer in the organization and personnel consulting sector 丸山迅(MARUYAMA Jin) The second part of this series is about MARUYAMA Jin who received a job offer in the organization and personnel consul