• TRAN Ngoc Hieu

A New Journey Begins - Entrance Ceremony Fall 2017

On Monday, September 25 th , APU held the 2017 Fall Entrance Ceremony at B-Con Plaza in Beppu City. The ceremony welcomed 649 new students, many of whom dressed in the traditional clothes of 65 countries and regions from all over the world.

New APU student DOTE Satsuki (College of Asia Pacific Studies) said that she decided to come to Japan because of the multicultural environment at APU, and she looked forward to interacting with APU’s diverse student body. GIRALDO Gallo Sebastian (College of International Mangagement), a new entrant from Colombia, stated that his dream is to learn management skills and contribute to the future of society. TULAMIRZAEV Temurbek (College of International Management), a new student from Uzbekistan, expressed his joy for being accepted into APU so that he could “be a part of the intercultural community.” He hopes to become a specialist in strategic management, and expects to learn a great deal at APU, including the necessary skills to work in a multi-cultural environment.

Student circles and organizations also took part in the ceremony, putting on stunning performances that enlivened the event hall. APU welcomes 649 new friends and looks forward to seeing them around campus.

Interviewers/Photographers : TRAN Ngoc Hieu (Vietnam)

SEGAWA Kaori (Japan)

IZZA Hafiz Hilmi I. (Indonesia)

MAO Yuhan (China)

LUU Minh Tue( Vietnam)