Words of Encouragement from the Fall 2017 Graduates

Greetings new students! Are you getting used to life at APU?

Although you never had the chance to meet them, we asked some of the students who graduated this September to talk about their memories from their time at APU.

We hope this will help you envision what it will be like when you are getting ready to graduate in four years.

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1. Your memories of APU

2. What is APU to you? What does it mean to you?

3. What do you like about APU?

4. What do you intend to do after graduation?

<1>HOGUE, William (College of International Management)

1. The bus ride from Oita Airport to APU was very exciting. I’ll also remember the week Pokemon GO came out. The madness was insane!

2. APU was an inexpensive way for me to adventure in Japan. I didn’t learn much inside APU, but I learned a ton during my time here.

3. The low price, the multicultural spirit, & the community.

4. Work in Beppu.

<2> IMAI Shion (College of Asia Pacific Studies)

1. I have many memories, but what I remember most is studying a lot, making lots of friends, and learning first-hand what it means to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

2. I love it. It will always be my home away from home.

3. I like the fact that you can meet lots of people.

4. Someday I will become the president of a company.

<3> SITI Miranda Polhaupessy (College of Asia Pacific Studies)

1. Indonesian Week, Korean Week. Basically, multicultural weeks had so many bright and lively moments when I was at APU.

2. A comfortable life.

3. People never judge you by your appearance. I love open minded people.

4. Work as a diplomat in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Wish me luck!

<4> PHAM Hoai Anh (Collage of Asia Pacific Studies)

1. Going to performances with the Yoshakoi circle, being a TA.

2. APU is the place to grow and build connections.

3. I had the chance to meet friends from everywhere.

4. Go to graduate school.

<5> MARDAN Khan Chaudhary Ali (College of Asia Pacific Studies)

1. Meeting people from 86 countries & becoming a ONE Global Citizen.

2. APU is an open sky to me. An open sky to catch all opportunities.

3. APU’s environment that allows us to grow

4. Work at an advertising agency in Japan.

<6>GOTO Chisaki (College of International Management)

1. I was always late to class, but when I think about my friends who would always wait for me with a smile, I am glad I went to APU.

2. APU is like its own country; a dreamland.

3. I like the fact that you are not bound by commonly held beliefs.

4. When I think about all the people who helped me get here, I think I am ready to become someone who can help other people.

<7>KUDO Ai (College of Asia Pacific Studies)

1. I’m happy that I had the chance to meet and make friends with people of many different nationalities.

2. APU is my life.

3. I like how everyone is part of one big family.

4. I want to create a world where everyone can be happy.

<8>OH Seunghun (College of Asia Pacific Studies)

1. Having fun and studying together with different people.

2. APU is a place to gather experiences.

3. Meeting with many people

4. Going back to my home country