• MAO Yuhan

PRENGO 15th Anniversary Event at APU

PRENGO, one of the earliest founded and most well-known circles at APU, celebrated its 15th anniversary on October 7, 2017.

PRENGO is a volunteer circle conducting area development and educational support in rural areas of Thailand. Every spring and summer, members visit the areas they support and interact with the local people.

The 15th anniversary event was organized by current members of PRENGO. The event consisted of a lunch party, presentation, and discussion. All PRENGO alumni were invited to the event. Over 60 alumni, including the founder, Mr. Wakabayashi Yasuhiro, as well as many former leaders of the circle, joined the event.

During the event, the current members reported on their activities to the alumni, including their current volunteer activities covering agriculture, education and tourism, etc., which are based mainly in Surin, Thailand. The alumni shared comments and suggestions regarding those activities. Members across multiple generations shared stories of their time in PRENGO, as well as how the organization changed over time. Moreover, some alumni shared the stories of their post-graduation lives.

The purpose of the event was not only celebration, but strengthening connections and spreading inspiration among current and former members. One alumnus, who continued volunteering after graduation, shared his experience of volunteering in Rwanda, a small country in central Africa. The place he worked suffers from poverty. However, he overcame challenging situations, and is now helping to improve the life of the children there. He also showed a video of him and the children there; they were singing and having fun together. His experience taught everyone that volunteering can really make a difference. Volunteering is not merely donating money; it is changing the lives of people. Volunteering gives us a sense of empowerment and joy in creating change, however little it may be.

We sincerely wish Surin, PRENGO, and all the former and current members of PRENGO have a brighter future.