• MAO Yuhan

BGS Induction Ceremony held at APU

The induction ceremony for the APU chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) was held on Jan 24, 2018. 76 APU students joined BGS upon the chapter’s second selection at APU, including 22 third years, 51 fourth years, and three graduate students.

BGS is the international honor society for business programs accredited by AACSB International. Membership is limited to students with the highest levels of academic achievement. Students who join while enrolled in school earn lifetime membership. BGS offers its members multiple advantages such as a worldwide network of business professionals, as well as useful programs and events that promote connections with colleagues and business professionals.

APU’s BGS chapter was established in May, 2017, and it is the first BGS chapter in Japan. Selection of BGS candidates at APU takes place twice a year in the spring and fall semesters. Based on their GPA, the top 10% of undergraduate students at the end of their fifth semester and second semester graduate students are nominated to BGS.

Congratulations to all the newly inducted BGS members! We’re looking forward to seeing more APU students join BGS in the future.