• DOAN Phan Ngoc Ha


APU, as a one-of-a-kind international university in Japan, is famous for always knowing how to make use of our amazingly diverse environment, with students from more than 90 countries and regions. The APU community creates opportunities for everyone to get together. Let’s visit AP House, the APU dormitory, and see what just happened!

AP House is the home to almost 1300 residents, with 90% of them being first-year students. They live in different buildings with two Resident Assistants (RA) on every floor. This is a very amazing environment for students from all over the world to get to know about each other’s culture and background. Understanding that, the RA’s have come up with an an event called “World Carnival 2019” for all first year APU students in the 2019 spring semester, including those students who are not currently living in AP House.

On Sunday June 23, World Carnival 2019 took place at AP House 2 after the long excited wait of both AP House residents and first year students. You may get a little bit excited about what was offered at World Carnival 2019. All of your favorite things in the world were there: food, games, and performances! Six buildings in AP House were separated according to the six continents: Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America, and Africa. Each building tried their best to prepare food and activities that are the “signature” for their continent.

Food representing different continents of the World was prepared

As participants enjoyed the food, performances from all of the famous circles in APU were there. Kmuse boys and girls, APU Yossha-koi, dance circle SSS, you name it! There were also a huge number of surprising performances from AP House residents and especially the RA’s of AP House.

There were performances from APU circles

... and AP House residents

as well as RA of AP House.

For residents of AP House, this was a great chance to enjoy different cuisine and activities from all over the world in just one place, to get closer with floor mates, RA’s, and especially to feel APU’s diverse environment and spirit.

For first year APU students, the World Carnival was a quick glimpse at dormitory life with incredibly wonderful events to appreciate. They also go to see some of the daily exchange among international and domestic students residing at AP House.