• Sakamoto Nagisa

Exams are here: where to take a coffee break while you study in Beppu

Coffee Shop Nishimura

Nishimura makes coffee from carefully selected, freshly roasted coffee beans. It’s said that no matter what, as the beans are raosted they lose their fresh flavor. The owner of Coffee Shop Nishimura says, “I put great importance into the freshness of the beans, so that you can taste the delicious flavors while they’re still delicious.”

The café is not just particular about its coffee beans. You can tell the owner’s love of coffee from the presence of a vacuum coffee maker, as well as the cups and saucers beautifully lining the cupboards behind the counter.

You feel wrapped in a beautiful aroma that keeps you at Nishimura, surrounded by classic music that will make your heart bounce. There are also plenty of carefully appointed antiques that won’t make you feel out of place. Nishimura gives you a space to clear your head and think, reorganize your studies, or just pass the time.

Nishimura is a great place to go with a friend, but you can always stop in by yourself to read or book or study.


Next up is Café CIRCLE. While a bit outside of the city center, there are plenty of APU students that live nearby in the Tsurumi area of town. Even for people who live far away from the café, it’s worth visiting to get away from the bustle of the city.

True to its name, the café surrounds a circular counter. You can see the blue sky through the ceiling and read the hand-written menus lined up on the concrete walls hammered into the concrete floor. To avoid the lunch rush, we recommend going after 3 P.M. if you want to study.

With a small amount of bitterness, the coffee’s flavor has depth. We recommend pairing it with a soft chocolate short cake. You’ll want to enjoy yourself after coming all this way! If you want to study somewhere comfortable, head to Café Circle.


Café APPLE is close to Bouzu Jigoku. You’ve probably glimpsed it while riding the Kamenoi bus down from APU.

Just like the apple in its name, the café has delicious apple pies. Dripping with maple syrup and served with vanilla ice cream, the cake itself has a fluffy texture of soft sponge cake and concentrated apple.

You will have no problem relaxing or studying in the café’s cozy atmosphere. The kind owner and staff treasure APPLE’s peaceful tranquility.

Hydrangea from outside APPLE. We may be in the middle of Japan’s rainy season, but these cafés will lift your spirits as you study for exams.