• Sakamoto Nagisa

Thai Week 2019: A week full of Thai culture and all its charm!

We got to experience Thai Week in 2019. In past years, this is supposed to be the rainy season. Perhaps this year, the seasonal rain front succumbed to the pressure generated by our enthusiasm for Thai Week, and decided to skip APU entirely.

Right before 3rd Period on Monday, June 24, amid a packed cheering audience and clear skies, the Thai Week Parade commenced with a flag spectacle in which performers showed off their agile moves, followed by a dance performance conducted with lively music.

Featuring dancing by students who moved in rhythmical steps while wearing traditional Thai garb, a Muay Thai show that left quite an impact, and shouts of excitement at the dancing on display, the parade ended on a successful note.

The Grand Show for Thai Week 2019 was held on Friday, June 28. Despite light rain, it was a full house at the venue, where the atmosphere was palpable with excitement before the show started.

Everyone in the audience eagerly anticipated the start of the show.

The Grand Show centered on a story that combined elements of comedy, romance, and sorrow, eliciting waves of laughter and applause from the audience.

Everyone in the audience also found themselves enamored with the story taking place on stage.

It was impossible to take our eyes off of the dazzling fashion show put on by the cool and beautiful models, who strutted nimbly through the venue with a sharp dazzle in their eye and an ephemeral beauty about them. The show also supplied a showcase for novel forms of Thai dress.

Towards the end, the show featured traditional Thai dress, dance, and music. In particular, the hand movements and choreography shown had a unique aura of beauty about them that was distinctly Thai.

Including the wonderful performances, there was plenty to be seen this year during Thai Week, whose liveliness in the face of the rainy season energized us all. We can’t wait for Thai Week 2020!