• PHAM Van Khanh

Vietnamese Week 2019 - A warm approach to a cold subject

Since 2003, the annual Vietnamese Week has become a staple in every APU students’ spring semester. This year, the event was held on the first week of July (from July 1 to July 5) with the Vietnam War as the theme.

One specialty of Vietnamese Week is that it starts on Sunday with a Pre-week Event in downtown Beppu. This year, the event ‘A Sip of Saigon’ brought traditional games and food from Ho Chi Minh City to Beppu thanks to the dedication of the organizers to delivering the most authentic Vietnam to international friends.

The official Vietnamese Week kicked off with a parade that introduced a more modern side of Vietnam. The parade took place between second and third period on July 1 in front of the fountain. Many people participated in the parade as performers and watched in the audience.

The next event was “The Echo,” which took place on Tuesday, July 2 in Pacific Cafe. The event was a small gameshow to test people’s knowledge of Vietnam, more specifically, the influence of Western culture on Saigon’s fashion trends in the 1960s. In addition, there were also a mini-fashion show and a photo booth for people to enjoy.

On Thursday, a traditional market and a mini-concert was held inside the APU cafeteria. They sold authentic Vietnamese snacks and organized a traditional game and workshop to promote Vietnamese culture. The event received positive feedback from participants for its uniqueness and creativity.

Finally, for the last day of the week, the long-awaited Grandshow “Tâm” played in Millennium Hall. Although the theme of this year’s Vietnamese Week was the Vietnam War, the show depicted a lesser-known side of it: how the war affected each family in Vietnam back then and the scar it left for the people of today. The plot left many viewers in tears after the end of the show.

Undoubtedly, this year Vietnamese Week has left a huge impact on everyone who participated. Let’s look forward to next year’s Vietnamese Week together!