• PHAM Van Khanh

Deciding Your Major: A Common Problem among Students

APU offers quite a variety of majors but allows students to choose and change their major from their 2nd semester to 6th semester. So, it is without a doubt that some students have a hard time choosing their major. Today, let’s answer a few common questions that students have regarding choosing or switching majors.

Q●I like this major, but I like that major too. Which one should I choose?

A●Deciding on your major is not just a matter of interest. It involves other factors such as your abilities and the future too. So, in order to help you, here are a few questions you should ask yourself when choosing your major:

  • Does the major fit your abilities, values, interests, and passions? What do you want to do in the future? How do you want to contribute to society? Will the major you’ve chosen help you with that?

  • Will you still enjoy it years from now? Are you sure you will not change your mind about it in 10 or 20 years?

  • Is it employable? How likely are you to find a job after graduating? Will there be a need for such positions in the future?

  • Are the risks and downsides of it worth taking? Every major has some disadvantages. You have to be willing to face them to get the degree.

The good thing is, at APU, there is something for everyone. You can be an APS student but, still, take APM subjects to learn about finance and marketing. Not to mention, many of the skills you learn are transferable, such as critical thinking or research methods, so you can apply it to any job.

You can find more information on APU’s majors here.

Q●I want to switch from APS to APM or vice-versa. What should I do?

A●You can transfer from one college to another only if your intended college has open student slots. APU allows you to transfer your completed credits from one college to another so you do not have to worry about studying from the beginning again! Despite that, you will still need to take the required subjects for that college in addition to the ones you have already taken for your previous college. Students in the 2017 Curriculum will also have to meet different requirements for graduation, depending on your college.

There are only 2 chances to change your college: After your first year and after your second year (a.k.a. After your 2nd semester and 4th semester). You will need to write a few essays and attend an interview, but as long as you have a reason and have good academic records (a GPA higher than 2.5), the transferring process should be a breeze.

Pro-tip: If you know you want to change college, take courses from that college even before transferring credits to save time catching up!

More information on college transfers is here.

Q●I’m still uncertain about my major. Can anyone help me?

A●Of course, your family, friends, and senpai will always be available to help you, but perhaps you need a more in-depth consultation session with a professional. Worry not! APU professors are always there to help you. You can meet with professors that specialize in the field you are interested in, and discuss what you want to study and your future goals. Our faculty members were once students too, so they understand the hardship of choosing something as important as your major. Do not be shy: send your teachers an e-mail if you have any concerns!

Finally, as stated above, you have time to think it through before settling down with one major, so make the most of that time and explore your options by taking introductory courses or asking professors to attend one of their classes. In addition to that, you can always consider continue studying further in Graduate School, which are also offered by APU. Hopefully, you will be able to make your decision with no regrets!