Life after atomic bomb: Stories from a Hiroshima survivor

On October 16th, the APU Peace Marketing Group successfully held an event featuring a testimony of the A-bomb and reconstruction of Hiroshima from one of its few remaining survivors. Attendees including APU professors, officers, students and Beppu citizens came to listen and discuss how to achieve sustainable world peace.


The Peace Marketing Group provides “peace studies” outside of classes to all APU members (students, officers, professors, faculty) in the hopes of working together toward APU’s vision of “freedom, peace and humanity.” The group is hosted by professors at APU who aim to use marketing as a social platform to address critical issues surrounding how to maintain a peaceful world. More specifically, the policy is meant to prevent the lives of creatures and plants, and the overall natural environment, from being destroyed by human violence or daily human activities.


The event welcomed Mr. So HORIE, a brave survivor of the bombing in Hiroshima when he was only 5 years old. Even 74 years after the bombing, Mr. HORIE can still remember the death, devastation and harsh medical consequences left in the wake of the bombing. He has spent years repeatedly bearing testimony to foreign visitors in English. Additionally, despite being diagnosed with cancer and having to visit the hospital every 3 months, Mr. HORIE continues to eagerly join voluntary programs.

 During the talk, Mr. HORIE shared his experience of the A-bomb and its tragic aftermath. He also showed pictures of the lasting contributions he and his family have made to reduce nuclear threat and promote world peace. Listening to these stories, participants were touched by his dark reminiscences and hoped that no one in today’s world will have to suffer from nuclear weapons ever again.

 After the presentation, he received several questions about his feelings regarding the actions of both the American and Japanese governments at that time. One American student wanted to know if those actions made Mr. HORIE feel negatively towards people from the US and the UK even today. However, his answer truly moved everyone. Mr. HORIE said, “It was the past. We cannot change the past but we can focus on the future to keep the world in peace.” That reply left an imprint on the hearts of everyone in the room, and will motivate them to contribute to world peace in the future.




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