• BUI Thi Thuy Linh


Korean Week is an annual event featuring Korean culture held in APU, attracting not only APU students but also local citizens interested in discovering more about this beautiful country. K-pop performances have always been a signature that makes Korean Week stand out from other multicultural events. However, this year Korean Week promises to offer more than iconic K-wave dances, with an aim of introducing not only pop culture but also aspects of Korea back in the old days.

This year there are daily events such as opening and closing parades, a Korean Food Market, a Korean Speaking Contest, K-wave and finally the Grand Show at the end of the week. The parades cheer people up with the latest popular K-pop songs, along with a showcase of both traditional and stylish up-to-date outfits. The Korean Food Market offers authentic local food, which is a must-visit for any Korean food lovers. The Korean Speaking Contest is a chance for everyone to practice and have fun while speaking Korean. K-wave, as usual, is a music party where everyone enjoys the most glorious idol performances. Lastly, Grand Show would end the week with a historical story plot.

K-wave has always been a symbolic and must-see event of Korean Week every year, which makes it difficult to maintain peoples’ interest if there are no innovations. However, understanding their audience, Korean Week always prepares the trendiest songs and puts effort into every single detail of their performances. That is why the number of people watching K-wave has increased throughout the years, making the event hotter than ever before.

As there was no Grand Show during Korean Week last year, this year the organizing committees were under a lot of pressure while recruiting and preparing the show. This year’s Grand Show aimed at demonstrating a traditional image of ancient Korea. Apart from the history-based storyline, the show also pictured modernity in performances such as martial arts, making it engaging and entertaining for the audience.

Finally, on Saturday, Korean Week also held a Free Hug Event with a view to enhance the relationship between Korea and Japan. Anyone coming to Beppu Station would be offered a warm hug from members wearing Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes. A small action makes a big difference for the world. This event is significant, showing that Korean Week is not only a distinctive cultural event at APU, but also a place to strengthen the relationship between Korea and other countries.